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Mountain Spring

My last frost date is in May and it has dropped below 20° recently. That is why I am surprised to see some of my wildflowers blooming already. My daffodils, iris, and daylilies are coming up. Last summer I collected … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Self Sufficiency

Identifying and using native plants is an important part of my desire to stop purchasing from the corporate food wagon. I have a particular horror of GMOs. My dad taught me a lot about native plants when I was young … Continue reading

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New Mexico Food

I am already crazy about New Mexico chile but what I really want is native plant food that was eaten by native folks before we showed up with packets of European seeds that require endless labor in this “New World.” … Continue reading

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The Age of Money

I live in the age of money. I have been recreating a career and working hard to gain promotions to earn more money. Seems to be working. Even better, I am thinking hard about how to live with less money. … Continue reading

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