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Asian Pears – Perfection

A few weeks ago I purchased and ate two Asian Pears. Ouch! Pricey at the market and delicious. Exactly what I like in my garden. Add that it is deep rooted (drought tolerant), easy to grow, fruits for years, and … Continue reading

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It’s a Long Winter in the Mountains

Today I brought out the lentils for sprouting. They are my favorite sprouting seed (of a dozen) for their ease, speed, taste, and nutritional value.  I put them in a shallow bowl and cover with water.  I drain the water … Continue reading

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No Propane!

A cold front is in and I just sold my propane tank to a young couple. My main heat source is now the sun. I have been opening and closing curtains to take advantage of direct sun and that heat … Continue reading

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Sumac Seedlings

My property has plenty of Three-leaf Sumac ( Rhus trilobata), a pretty shrub that has yellow flowers in the spring that produce red drupes in the summer.  By the time the leaves turn red-orange in the fall and start dropping, … Continue reading

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A Snow Garden

I am dreaming of a snow garden on the north side of my cabin. It will be evergreen with white summer flowers. I want a spiritual path to my sunken garden behind the cabin.  It will represent the rocky Pacific … Continue reading

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The Good Earth

It is sunny, cold, and windy today on Bosque Vista.   I planted a Dwarf Alberta Spruce this week, on the west side.  It joins a few other shrubs that are intended to soften the harsh north/west winds that beat … Continue reading

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