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Frozen Food

My growing season is so short that I bought a chest freezer this week. I would prefer an upright for ease of use but the cost is 3 times higher. The nosedive model it is. This is assuming that I … Continue reading

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Pine Nuts Coming

My Pinyon Pines (Pinus edulis) are developing cones and showing new growth as well. We are supposed to have an El Nino year bringing us more rainfall here in the dry Southwest. I dearly hope so. This fall I will … Continue reading

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Three Sisters

Variations of the “three sisters” combination of corn, beans, and squash have been planted by various First Nation people for centuries. I have started a traditional three sisters mound including 12 corn plants, 12 bolita bean plants, 3 summer squash … Continue reading

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Kerfluffle with a Flying Lady

I opened the box to check the ladies and one flew right outa there. Instead of grabbing her, I dove for Raven Black and locked him in the bedroom. He is still mad at me. Better than me being mad … Continue reading

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The Little Ladies Are Here

They held a poultry swap at the local feedstore this morning, with fighting roosters (the most beautiful) , bantams, meat chickens, quail, and… three little ladies that will grow up to be Plymouth Barred Rock laying hens. They came home … Continue reading

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Early Harvest

I have some Japanese Brome (Bromus japonicus) in my flower beds. Brome was imported from Eurasia to feed cattle. On the other hand, our native grasses have been exported all over the world as improved fodder. This basic exchange is … Continue reading

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A River of Flowers

Although my neighbors said it is impossible to garden up here in the mountains, I am making a lovely show this year without working hard or watering. Next year will be better. Now that it is hitting 90 degrees during … Continue reading

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