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It’s Raining

My first day of spring and it is raining. Warmth and water! Off to bed to listen to the soft rain hit my roof… and feel gratitude. Advertisements

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New Mexico Chili Peppers

Admitting that my cool windswept mountain paradise is possibly not the ideal environment for growing New Mexico chili, I am going to try. One way of getting versions of your favorite annuals to produce better in your climate is to … Continue reading

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Western Salsify Free Food

I have a few Western Salsify (Tragopogon dubius) in my food forest this year. I am glad my prevailing winds will blow their seeds on my property and not away. The seedheads are a typical dandelion ball and a puff … Continue reading

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The Great Pumpkin and His Local Cousin

Just used my last jar of canned pumpkin. I love pumpkin custard, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin empanadas. Pumpkins (Cucurbita pepo) are easy to grow in Texas and Washington. I am about to find out whether … Continue reading

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This Luscious Garden

There are over twenty thousand known edible plants on this luscious garden floating through the universe. There are over seven thousand edible plants that were commonly eaten before corporate farming promised to feed us all abundantly and without backbreaking labor … Continue reading

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Say’s Phoebe Insect Control

I saw a Say’s Phoebe (Sayornis saya) this morning. Two of them investigated my carport pretty thoroughly last year but nested elsewhere. They like to nest under bridges, under eaves, and such. They get liquid from the insects they eat … Continue reading

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Siberian Elm Invasion

Last fall I saw a one inch tree seedling and dug it up. It is in a pot on my patio. I was dreaming of a nice native even though it looked like a Siberian Elm (Ulmus pumila). Eradicate! Stay … Continue reading

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