Creeping Mahonia (Mahonia repens)

While trimming trees around the Rabbit Hutch, I admired the Creeping Mahonia I planted.

Creeping Mahonia

Creeping Mahonia

I wish I had more than 2, but no blooms or seeds yet.  Perhaps next year.  For now it is good that they are healthy and growing with no input from me.  I do want to increase their numbers around the property.

Creeping Mahonia is a variant of Oregon Grape and has the same chemical constituents.

The main medicinal parts are the roots, which contain berberine.  They can be used as a goldenseal alternative.  Creeping Mahonia roots are used as an iimmune system stimulator and is antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal.

The roots have been tested for use against plaque psoriasis with excellent results, but the pharmaceutical lacks the tannins in the root that ease inflammation, irritation, and itching.  The topical cream tested was 10% tincture of the root.  Apparently plaque psoriasis afflicts 5 million people in the US.  It will be great if this treatment can help a chronic condition like this.

Creeping Mahonia root is a liver stimulant and blood cleanser.  It is also being tested as an anticancer and antitumor agent.  It is iused to treat chronic hepatitis B.

Powerful stuff.  At this time I am not motivated to dig up these pretty little evergreens as a medicinal, but I am keeping their profile in my list.  Creeping Mahonia and Oregon Grape both are sold in the Money Market Economy so are readily available.  An easy to grow evergreen with brilliant yellow flowers followed by edible berries that taste similar to grape juice if you add sugar.

Creeping Mahonia can be used in more ways and is native to New Mexico.  It adds a nice touch to my shady food forest.



About rebeccatreeseed

I am a naturalist raised by naturalists. Treeseed is my earned name, while Rebecca is my birth name. I am of Northern European descent, with a quarter Irish.quarter thrown in. I suspect I was a product of northern invaders into Ireland into Ireland. but hard to say since DNA disproved the family story about Apache blood! I have found some odd ancestors to replace them. Last year I bought 5 acres of pinyon-juniper forest on the side of a mountain in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. I am fulfilling a lifetime dream of a cabin in the mountains and a food forest that will feed me and local wildlife. I want to share this new phase of my life with others that might be interested.
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