Monsanto Reputation Hurts Bayer Stock Price

After Monsanto failed to acquire Syngenta, Bayer has now bid on Monsanto. Doing so created a drop in Bayer’s share price and many Bayer stockholders want no part of Monsanto.

This seems an odd match up to me, because Bayer is attempting to buy Monsanto’s GMO expertise even though it is banned in Germany.  Additionally, although Monsanto gets crony political favoritism purchased here in its home country… will that automatically shift to Bayer?

No secret that the chemical giants are a bit shaky in difficult economic times, and who knows if there is another Bill Gates to pad Monsanto’s finances and continue the poisoning of humanity in the name of feeding billions.  Consolidation has long been the distraction large corporations use to convince stockholders to stick with bad management and poor decisions.

After turning down Monsanto, Syngenta wed a Chinese firm.  Will Monsanto wed Bayer?  If so, it is likely to try to ditch the reviled Monsanto reputation.  Just another layer of obfuscation over the same evil behavior?  Bayer says it is making money while Monsanto is losing money, can Bayer turn that around or will Monsanto take Bayer down?



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2 Responses to Monsanto Reputation Hurts Bayer Stock Price

  1. Helen says:

    ‘Take them down’ would be good – alternatively such a Pharma monster might be enough to get GMOs into Europe.

  2. Helen,
    I wish we could take them down, but Monsanto seems to have 9 lives. Only the good die young. Bet I live to 110!

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