I majored in Biology and some of the things being done in the name of Big Ag and their biochemical geniuses are beyond my notion of common sense.  It is profitable and that will keep it in place until it doesn’t.

Corporate monoculture has only been with us for about 60 years.  It was and is touted to be able to feed the world.  It is not able to do that and is an epic failure.  People are starving all over the world, and even us fats are starving from a lack of nutrients in food.

We have lived millenia in a closer relationship with our planet and although not perfect in our recent shift from hunter-gathers to farmers, we only went off the deep end after WWII.  Why?

Global politics.

The United States became a world power and our leaders wanted our massive food production capabilities to feed (control) other countries.  Our family farming system was, itself, impossible to control and got in the way of global planning.  Laws and price supports favoring Big Ag were passed, and family farms became Big Ag or perished.  Most perished.

The infamous Food Stamp program was part of a deal cut to get votes for these Farm Support (rich people welfare) policies.  The recipients of Food Stamps (poor people welfare) have been degraded and demonized by the press but Farm Supports (rich people welfare) have not.

Congress recently separated the two so they can kill Food Stamps, but not Farm Supports.  When times get tough, rich people increase their own welfare payments.  Poor people pull themselves up by their bootstraps unless they are lazy bloodsuckers (Big Media)!

The Big Ag plan gained support from Big Machinery which favors monoculture.  Monoculture creates insect and disease plagues which gave Big Chem something to sell after they lost their war chemicals business.  They used many of the same death chemicals used in kill people warfare to kill insects.  Agent Orange is the latest and greatest.

Monoculture created soil depletion which sent Big Chem into raptures.  Still, the plants got weaker and harder to grow due to toxic chemicals, pollinator death, and soil depletion.  The same heirloom seeds grow well and are healthy in an organic garden.

Big Chem is now on to genetically modified organisms or GMOs (nightmare of planet size proportions).

Just one nightmare is that Big Chem used gene markers to test their success and to be able to win patent infringement claims against smaller farmers that save seed.  Monsanto has about 70 patent attorneys who destroy farmers in court all year every year… because these GMO plants do not stay home, they spread into neighboring crops.

The markers are antibiotic-resistant genes added in because it is easy to prove in a court of law that a small farmer’s crop has “stolen” their GMO gene pool.  Big Chem drives small farmers into bankruptcy with this practice.

What happens to people that get antibiotic resistance in their food?  They get resistant to the antibiotics that might otherwise save their lives.  Enter Big Pharm and they make new antibiotics that are stronger and will save you.  Big Pharm makes supplements to buy because your food is deficient.  Big Pharm makes all the drugs for yor cancers and illnesses caused by Big Chem.

Trillions of pounds of poisons have been sprayed and sprinkled on us in pursuit of global influence over other countries through control of their food.

This is death by a thousand cuts.

I was born in 1954, right in time to hear the early promises.  I watched the growth of Bigs and I have grown older alongside them.

This juggernaut had its seed in US government foreign policy; however, the Bigs have outgrown parental control and now control the parent.

The Bigs moved to other countries and are taking ever bigger profits and have added a new affiliate called Big Shipping.  The Bigs are abandoning the Big Ag-US Subsidiary.  The Bigs have done this with US taxpayer money… so don’t feel left behind.

What’s a girl to do?

My parents bought me a chemistry set when I was 8 and my first experiments were on plants.  I noticed the dangers of chemicals and read books.  Enter high school chemistry and more books.

Before taking college chemistry, I had already veered away from Big Chem by gardening organically. GMOs are harder because they contaminate conventional crops like tomatoes, corn, wheat, etc.

My background in eating wild foods made me bring more of them into my garden as an additional buffer against GMOs.  Living in the mountains is  a buffer due to fewer agricultural poisons and GMOs used nearby.

No government controlled by the Bigs is going to stop the madness created in my lifetime.  I have signed countless petitions and we cannot even get GMO labeling in these United States of Bigs.  Bigs are spot on to get “non GMO” labeling made illegal.

We are on our own here, but never fear, this will collapse on its own because it is an inverted pyramid based on the epic fail of corporate farming.

If all these chemicals are making you or your family sick, try organic gardening and native edibles.  Can it stop your exposure?  No, but it can limit exposure to something your body may be able to withstand.

I don’t usually blog about fearful practices of the Bigs.  There is a lot of information and you don’t have to be a scientist to know bunkum when you hear it.  Most Americans forgot how to garden in the past 60 years.  Still, gardening is not rocket science and it is in our genetic makeup (selected for by starvation of nongardeners over millenia).

If you can’t scale the Bigs’ mountain of power and influence, you can go around, which I call the walkabout.

My life journey includes my Walkabout. My Circular Economy and Food Forest are the vehicles I use for the Walkabout.  Your walkabout may use biointensive gardening, permaculture, double digging, no digging, raised beds and even the Bigs’ arsenal (shudder).

It is an enjoyable Walkabout overall and sometimes I forget all about the Bigs since I hardly buy their stuff and eating delicious foods, gardening, and goreous scenery is relaxing.


About rebeccatreeseed

I am a naturalist raised by naturalists. Treeseed is my earned name, while Rebecca is my birth name. I am of Northern European descent, with a quarter Irish.quarter thrown in. I suspect I was a product of northern invaders into Ireland into Ireland. but hard to say since DNA disproved the family story about Apache blood! I have found some odd ancestors to replace them. Last year I bought 5 acres of pinyon-juniper forest on the side of a mountain in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. I am fulfilling a lifetime dream of a cabin in the mountains and a food forest that will feed me and local wildlife. I want to share this new phase of my life with others that might be interested.
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5 Responses to Walkabout

  1. Helen says:

    Big Pharma – we are running out of powerful enough antibiotics, so that might be one of the final straws to get them off our backs.

  2. ArtDeco says:

    We probably need more people with a biology background to speak up, especially people with long experience. We have made a few mistakes oveer the last few generations that could use correcting.

    • The problem with being a biologist trying to work in your field at any level during my generation has been that big money only paid for obfuscation. I know biologists who have had well paid careers pretending
      to study whether or not toxins are
      deadly. Decades later they still don’t “know” and testify in court and before government agencies. So more “studies” are ordered to delay decisions until whatever wealth is extracted. Externalizing the costs of destruction. It’s a living. Plenty of biologists are involved in the mistakes. I suppose my education has
      been wasted on me because I made a
      modest living in another field.

      • ArtDeco says:

        Hello again
        I”m glad I was able to make you laugh a bit (laughing and crying is the same release according to Joni Mitchell) but my comment was serious. Mine is a “green” house with solar panels, rainwater catchment, organic gardens, yada, yada. My neighbors, both of whom are nice people, brilliant gene splicers with biology phds, do none of that and probably think I am wasting my time with all of it. So it helps when someone who has the training sees what the rest of us think we see.

      • They see it, but if they are gene splicers they are financially dependent on GMOs. What they do is interesting, well paid, and bad for others. I suspect they eat organic food… most of them do. An engineer came up with soylent green for the poor. He doesn’t eat it. I am sure the couple is pleasant enough, but at some level their lifestyle matters more than other humans. I once would have been thrilled to work in my field, now I am thrilled to have 5 acres. If even one person changes course because of this blog, I will be thrilled. You are on a great course already… just one more! Will your gene splicers rue the day? Maybe after they are retired! I knew a bee researcher that made a living out of not knowing why we have bee colony collapse… while rescuing colonies and finding them homes away from pesticides. We all make a living.

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