Brrrrrrr It’s Cold Outside

Brrrrr it got down into the 40s this week.

Started winterizing my old trailerstead.  Moved more concrete blocks for skirting.

Let the girls out for a while.  They stopped laying eggs this week, so I have to decide whether to give them extra light to extend the laying season or let them have their natural winter rest.  Rest.

I bought an electric fireplace for my living room.  Very pretty and modern.  Also no need to clean out the fireplace.  I look foward to a toasty warm spot to read books this winter.

I bought flannel sheets and an electric blanket.  I am preparing for winter.

Winter is when I most appreciate my job in the market economy that pays high electric bills.  Soon I will have no debt!  My trailerstead is about 840 square feet.  Much too large for me to cut wood to heat, especially at 20 below.  I look at tiny houses online and in the cold of winter they look purely cosy.  It costs dearly to keep this old thing livable, never mind cosy.

I have a small house planned.  We’ll see.  I watched the Chinese stock market drop again, and the US market drop right after.  This world has gotten smaller and it is hard to believe we can no longer live locally and protect ourselves from the actions of the unwise.

I do wonder what we can do.  Centuries of economic uncertainty had folks live in small homes on a bit of land with no mortgage.  A garden and chickens.  A few greens from land nearby.

Only the indigenous people skated through without noticing, they had their own feasts and famines with our mother the Earth.  Now though?  What are Americans to do with no jobs and no place to live or garden?

Syrians are swamping Europe while their Muslim brethren turn their backs.  A disaster caused by war.  The endless hordes seem mostly to be young men… how can they abandon their families to war?

I nibble my greens in the kitchen window, lie between flannel sheets on cold nights, and dream my food forest.

Chinese Apricots next year?  Alpine strawberries with the blueberries?  A dear wild cherry? And so it grows.



About rebeccatreeseed

I am a naturalist raised by naturalists. Treeseed is my earned name, while Rebecca is my birth name. I am of Northern European descent, with a quarter Irish.quarter thrown in. I suspect I was a product of northern invaders into Ireland into Ireland. but hard to say since DNA disproved the family story about Apache blood! I have found some odd ancestors to replace them. Last year I bought 5 acres of pinyon-juniper forest on the side of a mountain in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. I am fulfilling a lifetime dream of a cabin in the mountains and a food forest that will feed me and local wildlife. I want to share this new phase of my life with others that might be interested.
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